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Success: Christian Hegemony and Muslim Fragmentation in public Representations associated with Memorandum of contract

Information: Christian Hegemony and Muslim Fragmentation into the public Representations with the Memorandum of Agreement

Stand 2 Representational Central-Core Elements of the Memorandum of settlement, all-around Religions and regions

Number 1 Public support/opposition towards Memorandum of Agreement across spiritual and territorial organizations.

Basically, Christian people from Cotabato and Zamboanga generated feeling of the peace settlement concerning here central heart aspects: (1) Muslim regulation and domination in Mindanao, and (2) troubles about property, terrain, and ancestral dominion. However, it is very important to keep in mind that crucial fundamental associated with the societal representations held by Cotabato Christians included other elements, like the explanations of this serenity contract in terms of calm, arrange, and progress in Mindanao, including issues concerning the split of Mindanao within the Philippines. This indicates that although Christian groups from Cotabato and Zamboanga kept hegemonic representations the silence accord, Christian participants from the previous website offer a much more complex representation relating to this certain social thing. Читать далее