number 3. POSITION THE SUPERMONKEY The Supermonkey keeps very strong enhancements in Bloons Adventure

Time TD are Heroic Aura making all upgrades of characters in variety economical.

The Supermonkey is put in the center of anywhere you’re planning to place the rest of the characters, this makes positive they see all advantages of Heroic Aura.

Placing the Supermonkey inside centremost spot can help be sure that it could snipe bloons from any angle, specifically if you have the Disarming Charisma improve.


Position the fire Princess as near with the beginning as you’re able to making use of the goal of maintaining the lady in variety of Princess Bubblegum, Jake and/or Marceline.

The fire Princess should be the very first character to the touch bloons/attack bloons, especially if you possess attention Cannon Wand furnished on the. Because the fire Princess enjoys Flamebits plus the majority of this lady enhancements focus on adding number and damage, there’s no need to bother with setting their early in your “kill-box.”

Indeed, placing the Flame Princess previously during the chart might help you double down on problems aided by the fire Princess

as bloons on their long sugardaddydates ago in may mix beyond the fire Princess for an additional energy. Though bloons can double-cross the Flame Princess, you won’t need this should you deal enough problems.

For people fighting BAD takedown or bloons leaking from the chart, i would suggest taking Marceline as she actually is less dangerous to use and certainly will pursue bloons and MOABs.

I heavily connect Marceline and Jake simply because they can both feel quite as effective determined by just what ornaments and tools your place on all of them.

it is always a good concept to have at least one personality that enthusiasts the others, especially if you bring a number of figures being more advanced than people in line with the trinkets and enhancements you really have on their behalf.

Putting a promote character early can help assure the service personality encloses all partners within the number, making sure that you buff as many figures as you are able to. If you do not have sufficient harm at this time, proceed to the next step and keep returning.


I favor Commander Cassie. She’s very effective with a Jetpack you should use this lady on any chart, deciding to make the map significantly convenient.

Leader Cassie has got the most map coverage inside the video game together skill M.A.F. along with C4 Charlie by the woman part, she will upgrade the lady Bloontonium ideas to being a Mounted Mauler which deals added harm against all MOABs.

C4 Charlie deals impressive problems together MOAB Mauler when this woman is levelled up she will use a working capabilities MOAB Assassin which deals enormous injury to MOABs.

Unless you need a Jetpack, I would change Commander Cassie out for Marceline and C4 Charlie out for Max.


At this point into the chart you ought to have the majority of your own bases sealed, you should remain wise about in which you destination characters just like the Ice master, Sai, Sam, or Max.

I would suggest generating their focus the MOABs and BADs as stage modifiers aren’t scary enough for you really to need to worry about whatever else.

When you have a levelled up Max with close ornaments i would recommend combining him up with Sam and Sai.

Unfortunately, the Ice master doesn’t cope a great deal of problems and his awesome slow try needless, especially if you have actually a trinket to reduce bloons and MOABs on another personality.

The only time I take the Ice King is if he is a much higher level, which he currently is for me at the time of writing this.

CONGRATS your winnings!

If you stick to the tips guide above you need to be capable execute Bridge and Tower on any video game trouble.

Should you ever consider you’re probably get rid of the round use the enchantment aspect Disruptor that’ll destroy every bloons throughout the field and provide you with back once again health.

Dimension Disruptor is very ideal for advancement content material and simply costs 1000 coins to utilize.

Thus I’m interesting, exactly how hard did you discover connection and Tower? Which do you bring into the chart? Let me know in feedback here!

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